The Living Med


THE LIVING MED is an art project featuring pictures, videos and sounds from three continents –Europe, Africa and Asia– bathed in the Mediterranean waters, the Great Sea. Fascinating landscapes, wildlife, people and ancient cultures that come together in a melting pot of life that is unique in the world.

Photographic missions will be made to all corners of the Mediterranean in order to gather the multimedia contents (pictures, videos and sounds) that will be presented in various formats: high quality and artistic photography exhibits, video documentaries, books, etc. All these materials will showcase the beauty of natural landscapes and biodiversity of the ecoregion, the current threats, the conservation efforts that are being carried out, and the cultural wealth and human traditions that still survive in this part of the world.

In the realm of conservation, THE LIVING MED aims to contribute directly to the protection of Mediterranean ecoregion. Images are a powerful communication tool that can stir consciences and promote social participation. All the multimedia content will be available for institutions, organizations and individuals involved in conservation, establishing strategic alliances with researchers and conservationists from each region, and creating networks between professionals and local experts. Meanwhile, appropriate methods will be established for the local communities to be directly involved in conservation projects.

In the field of communications, THE LIVING MED constitutes a powerful outreach platform to spread information relating to the conservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean, both to a specialized and a general audience. A communication plan will guide all the actions to develop throughout the project that will include, among others, social networking for followers and participants, and an interactive website and blog.

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